Monday, August 20, 2007

MARCH 2008

(work by Gary Rith)
I have been asked to make a calendar page for March 2008. It will be pictured, along with 11 other painter's and photographer's pages, in a calendar. Each little tile here will be numbered, the sun marks the spring equinox, the bunny marks (guess!) and the 4-leaf clover represents (guess!). So, no glaze or writing yet.


Ellen said...

Don't forget March "comes in like a lion and out like a lamb"! Which would give you an excuse to add more cute animals. No?

cm said...

Yes! Great idea, Ellen. Also, put me down for one, will you?

greg said...

neat calendar idea!

... now.. how will they (all) be displayed? hanging on a hook? in a frame?

gr said...

the calendar is printed on paper, so my page will be photographed and printed

lion and lamb........let's see how that might go!

Gorthos said...

You know gary.. you could make a reusable calendar like that.. little hooks for the numbered days of the week and replaceable tiles for the month name..