Thursday, August 02, 2007


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Blueberries were picked this morning. What do they say about mad dogs and Englishmen and the midday sun? Almost 100 degrees out there (admit it celsius people: 100 sounds HOTTER)


Alan said...

It seems stinking hot today but Environment Canada is only showing 26C right now. The airport tower at Fort Drum is visible from Kingston if you are up high enough and it is supposedly 32C or 89F.

greg said...

it's 44 miles from Kingston airport to the "tower/runway" at Drum.

Assuming a tower height of 100' at fort drum and no viewing obstructions between here and there, and perfect viewing weather; you'd have to be 762' in the air here in Kingston.

okok.. back to work ;)

Gordo The Geek said...

What a way to kill conversation, Biffo. Jeez.

It's 34C in my backyard right now. That's 93F, Gary.

gr said...

Oh yeah? Well its a gajillion degrees here now, and....

GenX at 40 said...

Maybe it is another tower but there is none on the map in that direction. but as tower is in view. Check the height of the base and then view it from the top of the locomotive at Block D, as is the State Building at Watertown.

GenX at 40 said...

THere is plenty to be seen south, by the way:

Alan said...

HAH!!! *

An object 200 feet in the air seen from 140 feet in the air can be as much as 36 miles away. But that presumes both objects are resting on the same altitude.

Cape Vincent NY is 252 feet above sea level and seeing as this village and Kingston are both at the mouths of Lake Ontario, it is a useful if not true equivalent for Kingston. By Theresa, only a few miles inland, the elevation is already over 500 feet.

The WWNY tower back of watertown is about 1090 feet above sea level meaning it could be seen 40 miles away from someone at sea level or 60 miles for someone at lake level at Kingston, 252 feet or so.

* I only say "HAH!!!" as I find how far you can see particularly interesting but I accept few do.


Susan as herself said...

It's 96 in Chicago, with about a bazillion percent humidity.

And when you are standing on cement in thin soled sandals, that's mighty hot.

I could use a blueberry frappe about now.

gr said...

OK, Alan wins. Something.

GenX at 40 said...


greg said...

it's a talent I have =)

greg said...

ahmmm yes,, using your first reference alan, I stand corrected. someone at kingston airport would need to be 200' in the air; if one assumed:

that the tower at fort drum is 100' tall and at a ground elevation of 689'.

Kingston airport is 305' elevation,

so the top of the tower is 484' relatively to here.

so to see something 484' tall from here (44miles) we'd need to be about 200' higher- unless I've totally screwed up the logic of the datums LOL

either way.... we can see a lot further than most realize. very cool.

GenX at 40 said...

You got the fever!

The tops of buildings at Kingston is incredibly well situated for this stuff as we are in a very wide and shallow valley. Once I saw the glow of Rochester on a very clear winter night. The plume of Oswego's nuclear plant is commonplace as are I-81 highway lights north of Watertown.

Another post on this: