Wednesday, August 01, 2007

August 2006-August 2007

Somewhere this month marks 12 months of pottersblog blogging. Yippee! How many entries, 1300-1400? Something like that. That's alot of nonsense. I started out on myspace and then, because of the unsolicited friend requests from young women in bikinis, started this on blogger. A year ago! Wow. Thanks for hanging with me.

So what now? Have a look at the Ithaca Art Trail site and my own page there. The Ithaca Art Trail hosts open studio weekends, and makes it easy for tourists from New Jersey to find my studio and give me money. You don't have to be from New Jersey to give me money though.


Gordo The Geek said...

Cool! You are a most prodigious blogger, Gary. I've only got 410 posts in 23 months . Only a year? It feels much longer.

Wait, that doesn't sound right ....

gr said...

Um, thanks Gord.