Wednesday, October 03, 2007

our host muses on life

Sure, I was gonna video myself making a clay piggy (whee!) or take a picture of recent teapots and cookie jars which look quite good, but....will you accept that I was busy and forgot?
It is curious and curiouser that the video CM suggested I post, and I did post it, disappeared last night. A blooger plot no doubt.
Speaking of those hideous manndible monster mugs below, I sold 20 of them last month, and deliver 5 more today. I guess somebody likes them.


cm said...

I wonder if it tosses videos that aren't properly copyrighted?

Gordo The Geek said...

"hideous"? They're great! I'd be expecting to sell a bunch more with Halloween coming .

gr said...

you said it Gord--and hideous in an 'Oscar-the-Grouch-kind-of-way'

ML said...

Hideously loveable. I adore mine, and the little bowl, as well, the one with the tiki, and a totally different family from my 'little blue bowl'. The blue bowl is Gary at his artistic best, the tikis, his sort of 'hey, ma, lookit me' best.