Monday, October 29, 2007


(Missus Potsblog and a small pile of difficult household projects)

Husbands shiver when they realize that Sunday is to be filled with household fixit projects. But I try to be nice and helpful, even though my wife is the handy one and I am the house husband. OK, four trips, FOUR trips to the hardware store and 12 hours later, trim painted, 2 electric light fixtures installed and new kitchen sink faucet installed. The 2nd to the last trip to the hardware store was to return the faucets for the ones whose price could feed my dogs and cats for a year, and the final desperate trip was to get more pipe stuff to actually finish installing that stuff.
A person may complain, BUT: it is satisfying having a tidy and good looking job done, and you gain confidence when you complete a new and difficult task.


cm said...

Well done!

gr said...


Greg said...

lookin' good!

hmm it must have be "fixit" Sunday: finished wiring up new 250V line for the dust collector last evening and didn't electrocute mnyself!

ML said...

Is there no end to your capabilities? Doesn't look like it. Will Mrs. Potter hire you out for electrical or plumbing work on request?

gr said...

Ha! No way! Maybe to you though, Mary Lee.