Friday, October 26, 2007

MOVIE TIME: how to make a goblet. Well, the top half.

Probably these are the most beautiful goblets anybody has ever made. Nearly finished below, next week you will see the extra touches the customer (CELESTE AGAIN) chose.

I only show making the top half in the video, but extremely interesting viewing, I think. I don't show finishing/assembling because potters out there will want to steal my secrets .


ML said...

So okay, we'll let you keep your secrets, but that really looks so very pretty to me and I can hardly wait to see that bowl atop its stem and then the final finished glazed product.

Greg said...

very cool.. I do enjoy watching a craftsman at work.. make it seem so effortless!

Ellen said...

What other potters are you referring to? Me? I have my OWN secret way of making there!

gr said...

well, Ellen, maybe I was referring to you, maybe not, but what is your secret???????????????

Anonymous said...

hope you read this-it is related to your spike comment about your kitty.
if she is over nine (or so), have her checked for hyperthyroid condition.
and then seek out the help of a holistic vet.
a traditional vet will suggest tapizole, methimizole, or some related drug (that they do use on humans too). It was very harsh on my cat's system (on humans too), especially throat. (pills or topical ear medicine for the rest of their life with dosage likely to increase over time)
If the holistic vet is consulted early enough, they may be able to treat and have your cat not become dependent on drugs and fully healthy again.
I wish I had been able to do that for my cat who passed this July.
what we were able to do did help.
for awhile there my cat needed to be fed every hour and then every three (and she was hungry!ravenous) and eventually only a few times a day.
best to you,

Anonymous said...

oh, and cool goblet
and cool video

Ellen said...

Ah ha! Think you can trick me, eh?

Lou said...

I agree with Deborah ML - get her to the vets and see what's happening there, losing weight like that has to be nipped in the bud before it goes on too long :) Do let us know how she's getting on, I shall be fretting now

ML said...

Thanks to Deborah, and to you, too, Lou. I'll certainly get my son to take my Bella to the vet on Monday! She's my sole companion, and we love each other a lot. But, one HUGE question, how do you find a holistic vet? Very doubtful that I'm likely to here in Kokomo, I afraid. And, incidentally, she's way past 9, in fact 16, at least. I'm her third and longest time owner. This time it's 'together to the end'!