Tuesday, October 23, 2007

infecting my dreams, again!

Keep in mind I am a yellow dog democrat.
Why did I dream I was hanging around with a certain Mormon presidential candidate last night? This is the second time! I could dream about all kinds of things, like beaches covered with bikinis, but this guy?
Perhaps this is the kind of advertising that: a) a fortune can get you and b) maybe the Mormons and God have broadcast abilities the other candidates can only dream of.


Gordo The Geek said...

Who knows what technology they have hidden in the Great Salt Lake.

denis said...

i would classify that as a nightmare.

gr said...

I know Gord. Maybe broadcasting from the tabernacle?

ML said...

Stop it! Right now!!! You're scaring me.

gr said...

straight into my brain!!!!!
I have to admit we have a good time, shooting the breeze and such, in my dreams. He will have to do more, a WHOLE LOT more to get my vote, har. Such as a large slice of that fortune.