Thursday, October 11, 2007


(mugs by Gary Rith)

I am very pleased. This idea is going to work out well. So, instead of little animal on the edge or handle, trying it out in relief on the side, looks good.


Greg said...

And making both versions gives people options which in turn make them happier and more likely to buy more! (yayy)

Looking good there!

gr said...

thank ye!

ML said...

Oh, yes, yes, yes!!!! Shoulda done that long ago. Really looks great that way, and probably safer for keeping it all in one piece. I'd sort of felt uncomfortable with the figure so out in the open and apt to get knocked off. Wunderbar!!!

Susan as herself said...

I have seen this same style of dishware displayed in fancy, upscale (read: pricey) baby and children's apparel/accessories stores, and the sell for A LOT of money. For instance a bowl and a matching cup/mug sell for artound $50.00.

You may have a cash cow here!!

Greg said...

hmm I don't see any cows there susan.. how about a cash pig? cash puppy?


gr said...

Well, the way I usually do it is quicker for me and looks good, but yeah, I am excited about this. How do I descibe my goal? I like the contrast of 'this is here in this entirely yellow background'. Or 'this is here, that is there'.