Sunday, November 25, 2007

you win some, you lose some: beer review

I write for beer blog from time to time. I am the master of the regular guy beer tasting.
From time to time, free beers show up to be reviewed. Usually this is a good thing. Read on.

For beerblog by beerblog correspondant Gary Rith
2 brews by Flying Dog, pictured with Penny the Beagle who will eat or drink anything

Mr. UPS showed up on the step with a box of free beers (lucky me!) and me and the missus tried two this evening. We could sum this whole thing up by saying 'happy beer number one and disgusting bilgewater number 2'.

Flying Dog K-9 cruiser winter ale.
A lovely beer. Pours a dark carmel color in the glass with a load of foam. Nice porterish looking beer, with that distinct porter look and taste. Excellent malt flavor. In sum, happy beer number one tastes like a dark brown beer, otherwise known as a porter. The wife said 'mild but really good!'. Put this guy on your Santa wish list.

Opened beer two, Wild dog Barrel-aged horn dog.
Poured dark and opaque and cloudy, barely any bubbles, no head. It smelled strange. It tasted thoroughly disgusting (I want my money back!). My belly, I kid you not, rumbled menacingly, and I poured it down the sink. The wife said something about medicinal overtones. It is possible that beer snobs or the guy who runs this blog, Alan, would sneer at me for not appreciating this beer, but it is, as they said in Monty Python, to be lain down and avoided.


Gordo said...

Free beer that winds up terrible is a terrible disappointment. Better luck next time.

Anonymous said...

I have this six pack of Chinese beer that arrived last mont and I refuse to taste test. Free to the person who comes over and tells me I am handsome and smart. And funny.

Ellen said...

Tsing Tao? Why are you afraid of Chinese beer?

Oh, and Tom agrees with you on your assessment of the two Flying Dogs...he loves K-9 Cruiser and doesn't like Wild Dog. And he IS a beer snob..used to brew his own.

Anonymous said...

whoa, you folks have tried them already?
No, this is not Tsing Tao. I avoid Chinese items lately, as a patriotic American, and they do not have a good track record lately for good clean food standards.

gary rith said...

my review was deep sixed for being negative---

Anonymous said...

you mean they ONLY accept POSITIVE reviews?? hmm isn't that a wee little bit ..biased!? ;)

Anonymous said...

Did someone mention free beer?

Anonymous said...

Free beer and dancing ladies!? I'm in.. oh, just free beer.. okay, I'm in for that too.

Gorthos who lost his blogger login password again.